The Benefits of Working One-On-One

One-On-One Practice I found a video of a boy with special needs in the midst of a music lesson. The instructor is playing guitar and the boy is learning to play the piano at the same time. It is very clear in the video that the boy is enjoying what he is doing. Having the […]

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The Benefits of Specific Instruments

The Benefits of Instruments I would like to focus in on the benefits of individual instruments. These benefits may be essential in helping individuals pick which instrument may be best for them to learn. I read multiple articles this week, each article was about a different instrument and how it is beneficial to the mind […]

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Immediate Affects Of Music On Kids

  How Music Affects Kids Today I came across and interesting video on YouTube that shows a small in-home experiment of the affects that music can have on kids. This is just one small experiment that was done by a mother in her own home but I still think it is an interesting video to acknowledge. […]

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Music And Memory

Music Enhances Memory Just the other day, I found an article online about how music  is believed to improve memory. The article begins by stating how musical therapy can boost young people’s numeracy and literacy skills. It then continues to talk about what different genre’s of music do for us. What I want to talk about is […]

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Music and Dancing Together

Dancing Has No Limits Today I began by thinking about things that I enjoy doing on a daily basis. Although a lot of things ran through my head, I really became focused on dancing. Music is a large part of my life, as well as the lives of those around me and dancing goes right along […]

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Miss Amazing Pageant and Music

Miss Amazing Meets Music Just the other day I ran into a video about the Miss Amazing Pageant which occurs annually. This is a time in which girls and women with disabilities are able to participate in a pageant. The video that I watched showed a number of highlights from the pageant that took place […]

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Special Needs Children And Their exposure To Live Music

Special Needs Children Are Exposed To A New Culture Today I came across an annual event that I found intriguing. Every year, the Utah Symphony hosts their Access to Music concert. The purpose of this concert is for children with special needs and their families to attend cultural events together because some special needs children may […]

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