Bands and Disabilites

Disabilities And Bands Go Hand In Hand Before you begin reading, I encourage you to listen to the song “Close My Eyes” by Rudely Interrupted. Click Here to listen. Now that you have listened to the song in its entirety, I hope, I would like to give you a little background information on the band […]

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From Music to Movement

Music Constantly Opens Up Opportunities Playing an instrument has its perks but sometimes the mere enjoyment of the sound is enough. Have you ever caught yourself tapping your feet to the rhythm without intentionally thinking about doing so? I sure have. Dancing to music is kind of like eating that last piece of cake, it’s […]

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Music = Happiness

Music Makes Happiness Music creates a connection with your body. The connection can cause different impacts depending solely on the type of music being played. Today, I read an article discussing the link between music and happiness. Songs that are typically known as “happy songs” usually have a high tempo and are written in a major key. […]

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