Immediate Affects Of Music On Kids


How Music Affects Kids


Today I came across and interesting video on YouTube that shows a small in-home experiment of the affects that music can have on kids. This is just one small experiment that was done by a mother in her own home but I still think it is an interesting video to acknowledge.

In the video there are a few boys and a girl hanging out in a living room. They are being recorded by their mother and the mother is also the person in charge of the music. She plays a variety of different kinds of music throughout the video and each song gives the kids a different reaction. The very first song comes off as a very happy song and it sounds like a song that was made for kids. When this song was played the three boys and the girl began hopping up and down and swaying their hips too the music. They all seemed to enjoy this song because they constantly had smiles on their faces. The next song was a song that sounded like Heavy Metal. Immediately the three boys got a lot of energy and became aggressive toward each other. Two of the boys went and playfully tackled the third boy to the ground. They were all laughing and having fun but it was interesting to witness them going from hopping around to tackling each other just because of the change in music. Furthermore, while the kids were on top of each other on the ground, the music changed yet again. It went back to a happy upbeat song and the kids immediately got up to start dancing again.

I think this has a lot to say about the affects music can have on kids. Even though this was just one study with only four kids, I think it is still important to recognize these real affects that can come from the music kids are hearing.

If you would like access to the YouTube video that I watched, click Here. If you enjoyed any of the information provided above, then you may want to check out MusicAndMe!


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