Music = Happiness


Music Makes Happiness

Music creates a connection with your body. The connection can cause different impacts depending solely on the type of music being played. Today, I read an article discussing the link between music and happiness. Songs that are typically known as “happy songs” usually have a high tempo and are written in a major key. These songs can directly cause individuals to breathe faster, which is a physical sign of happiness.  Researchers at Cal State University have found that music can have such a high impact on happiness that it may eventually help with treatment of patients. Children who were able to play around with instruments were reporting a higher level of happiness. Music therapy has also been found to help improve happiness in individuals suffering from depression or anxiety.

As someone who listens to music frequently, I can confirm that my level of happiness has increased due to the mere fact that a good song was playing. My feet start to tap, my heart begins to beat faster and my body wants to move. All of these increase my overall happiness. I decided to take it a step further and learn how to create the music on my own. I realized that listening to music was wonderful for my mental state, therefore creating music should have a similar effect. I began by learning piano. I first had to learn how to read music. I spent weeks online researching the most efficient ways to learn how to play. Now, I would consider myself a strong piano player. It created mental happiness in more ways than one. It originally just gave me happiness due to the fact that the sound I was hearing was being created by myself. Then, it became more than that. I found myself getting better and better each time that I practiced. This made me want to learn more each day and hearing myself improve week by week was just feeding into my overall happiness. I then began to learn songs that made other people happy. I would play the piano in front of my friends while they sang the words with their angel voices. I connected with my friends on an entirely new level. I recently purchased a ukulele and am learning the basic techniques to conquer the strings.

If you would like to read the entire article, click Here.

If you know of any individuals with special needs who you think could benefit from the happiness that music brings, then you may want to check out MusicAndMe!


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