The Benefits of Working One-On-One

One-On-One Practiceone-on-one.png

I found a video of a boy with special needs in the midst of a music lesson. The instructor is playing guitar and the boy is learning to play the piano at the same time. It is very clear in the video that the boy is enjoying what he is doing. Having the boy play the piano while the the instructor is playing the guitar is teaching the boy how to work as a team.

I want to talk about this in my own personal experience. I know how to play a few instruments and my favorite thing to do with those instruments is play them for my sister. Jessie is older than me and she has something called Angelman Syndrome. She is mentally retarded and she does not have the ability to learn how to play instruments. Although, she does have a plastic guitar in which she just has to press a button and music will play, we’ll count that! That’s not my point though. Even though Jessie cannot play that does not mean she cannot listen and enjoy. I constantly find myself sitting on the couch next to her and playing either the ukulele or the guitar. Sometimes I make it my goal to get her to laugh, that way I know she is having a great time. Depending on the day it may be easy or it may be hard but I always get that laugh to come out. She often begins to swing her arms a little bit because she is just so excited about the music. One of my favorite things is when she tilts her head and looks right at the instrument. I always think of this as a form of curiosity, like she wants to know how this tiny thing that I am holding is making so much noise. My point with all of this is that I am aware that not every person has the ability to learn music but most do have the ability to enjoy it nonetheless.

For access to the video I mentioned above, click Here.

If you enjoyed any of the information presented above then you may want to check out MusicAndMe!


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