Special Needs Children And Their exposure To Live Music

Special Needs Children Are Exposed To A New Culture

UtahSymphony.jpgToday I came across an annual event that I found intriguing. Every year, the Utah Symphony hosts their Access to Music concert. The purpose of this concert is for children with special needs and their families to attend cultural events together because some special needs children may have difficulty keeping quiet in their seats. Furthermore, I wanted to focus in on one family in particular that has been recognized for their years of service and participation in the programs and concerts; the Lyon family.

They are a family of six and two of the sons have autism. They have attended the Access to Music concert year after year. The family not only enjoys the concert but they also perform as a band for the opening of the concert. The article mentions the importance of exposing children with special needs to a variety of music. There are a lot of people who connect well with music and get to enjoy the pleasures that music brings. The parents of the Lyon family believe that children with special needs should have that same opportunity.

I love the idea of this Access to Music concert. As someone who has been raised with a sister who has special needs, I understand how hard it is to attend certain events. Movies, plays, art shows and just about anything that requires silence is always a risk.
My older sister has Angelman Syndrome and we would never be able to attend a symphony due to the fact that she may burst out in laughter at any moment and not be able to stop. Now please don’t get me wrong, I love her for that, her happiness is all that matters to me. However, it does make it hard for her to experience a world in which she can be exposed to live music. This concert gives everyone a chance to attend and witness live music first hand.

For access to the article about Access to Music event, click Here.

For access to the article about the Lyon family, click Here

If you like any of the information provided above, you may be interested in MusicAndMe! You may be able to expose an individual to a world of music that they would have never discovered on their own.


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