Music And Memory

Music Enhances Memorykidsdancing.jpg

Just the other day, I found an article online about how music  is believed to improve memory. The article begins by stating how musical therapy can boost young people’s numeracy and literacy skills. It then continues to talk about what different genre’s of music do for us.

What I want to talk about is something that I noticed myself. I spend a large part of my week working as a child care provider at a local daycare. While there, I am constantly watching over and teaching toddlers. The daycare center is filled with toys and activities that the children enjoy. One of my favorite afternoon activities is simply putting on songs for toddlers and letting them dance their day away. Recently, we came across a new song that really made me think a little bit about the memory of these toddlers. The song consisted if phrases, such as: “now, let’s walk,” “now let’s hop,” “now let’s tip-toe,” “now let’s twirl,” and “now let’s run!” While these phrases were said there was music playing in the background. The music in the background was different depending on the phrase that was being stated. This continued on for multiple rounds and the kids were having a blast. It was the last round that became a tad more challenging. The last round consisted of just the music portions. Therefore, the song played the sounds that were in the background of each phrase. It was up to the kids to recognize the sound and perform the action that goes along with it. For example, they had to recognize that the “boing” sound meant that they should hop, and so on. It really was exciting to see how many of these young toddlers were truly memorizing what they were listening to. Of course, practicing using their memory now it going to help them out later on.

If you would like access to the article that I mentioned at the beginning, click Here. If you enjoyed any of the information provided above, then you may want to check out MusicAndMe!


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