The Benefits of Specific Instruments

The Benefits of Instruments


I would like to focus in on the benefits of individual instruments. These benefits may be essential in helping individuals pick which instrument may be best for them to learn. I read multiple articles this week, each article was about a different instrument and how it is beneficial to the mind and body.

First, I will begin by discussing the guitar. By playing the guitar you can get rid of any stress that is present internally. This one may be true for most instruments but it is an important one. Teaching children to use music as an outlet for stress is extremely beneficial before they find outlets that are not quite as safe. Simply listening to music can relieve stress  but when you are the one making the music happen, it is truly a whole new level of satisfaction.

Next, let’s discuss the drums. The drums are wonderful because you do not need to know how to read music in order to play the drums. The instrument helps us connect with ourselves and others. Drumming in a group can create a sense of a community in which a powerful experience is shared. Often times, the drums are the core of the band because they are holding the tempo at a steady pace. All the others instruments depend on the drums to stay on track so that the rest of them can stay with the beat. This requires the individuals to work as a team and encourages team communication.

Lastly, we can look at the ukulele. One benefit, in my personal experience, was that the ukulele was as stepping stone toward learning other instruments. I learned the ukulele before I learned the guitar and it really helped me get to where I wanted to be. The ukulele only has four strings, which makes it much easier than the guitar. I spent a lot of time learning how to strum correctly and have to move my fingers in a quick smooth manner. After becoming good at the ukulele, I picked up a guitar. I am still learning guitar but it definitely made it easier to learn. After reading an article about the instrument earlier today, I discovered that playing the ukulele teaches children about sympathy. Children were tested on their level of sympathy before and after playing the ukulele for an entire year and their results of sympathy were significantly higher after learning.

If you would like access to the articles I mentioned above, click HereHere and Here.

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