Music and Dancing Together

Dancing Has No Limits

Today I began by thinking about things that I enjoy doing on a daily basis. Although a lot of things ran through my head, I really became focused on dancing. Music is a large part of my life, as well as the lives of those around me and dancing goes right along with that. I found a website about an organization called “My Child Without Limits,” and they focus on using dance to help kids with special needs get up and moving.

I decided to tie this in with a personal experience that I had during the summer of 2016. My sister Jessie, who has Angelman Syndrome, was invited to a dance in Lincoln, Nebraska that was dedicated to kids and adults with special needs and their families. There wasJessieAndMe.png a large number of people that attended this event and almost every single one of them was on the dance floor at one point or another. I began by holding my sisters hands so that she could balance and I would spin her in circles because she is not capable of doing that on her own. I noticed that doing this spinning movement made her extremely happy and soon she was laughing uncontrollably. After repeating this same movement for awhile, Jessie began to look a little less enthused. This was actually good because I was beginning to get a tad too dizzy but I decided to switch things up. Instead of spinning, we started to wave our hands in the air and her excitement shot right back up. It was then that I realized bringing in variety is what made the dancing enjoyable. Jessie did not know what to expect and nothing was structured; that was fun to her. I had been focusing on my sister so much that I forgot to notice my surroundings. I scanned my eyes across the dance floor and I saw nothing but smiles. People were dancing with people they just met, people were laughing and everyone was focused on this experience and nothing else.

Suddenly a boy named Jeremy came and asked me to dance. Jeremy had Down Syndrome and he showed me how to swing dance. I had done this once before but was definitely not on his level. He did not talk much but I did get him to admit that he dances almost every day at some point. When I asked him why he does that he responded, “It’s just fun.”

For access to the website I mentioned in the beginnings, click Here.

If you liked the information provided above, then you may want to check out MusicAndMe!


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