Miss Amazing Pageant and Music

Miss Amazing Meets Music

Just the other day I ran into a video about the Miss Amazing Pageant which occurs annually. This is a time in which girls and women with disabilities are able to participate in a pageant. The video that I watched showed a number of highlights from the pageant that took place in 2015.

The girls in the video were seen performing one of their talents to an audience. I noticed that a large amount of the girls and women decided to perform some sort of singing/dancing/instrumental act. They were using music to captivate their audience.

I want to speak of a personal experience I have been fortunate enough to have with the Miss Amazing Pageant. In the fall of 2016, I was lucky enough to be accepted as a
buddy for the pageant. This meant that I was going to be partnered with one girl that was taking part in the pageant. I was beyond lucky to be paired with Marti, aMissAmazing2.JPG 16-year-old girl with Down Syndrome. I spent my day helping her get ready in every way possible. We spent time practicing her talent, we spent time p
racticing her lines and we made sure her hair and makeup was looking “on point” as Marti would define it. I began to realize that I was gaining far more than the average volunteering experience, I was gaining a friend. After about 8 hours of preparation and
various events, it was time for the talent show. Suddenly Marti seemed to become pretty nervous but every time I asked if she was okay, she would respond “wonderful.” The time came and before I knew it she MissAmazing1.JPGwas center stage, all eyes on her. Her hands stopped shaking as she began playing the keyboard and she was singing while pouring her entire heart into it. I realized then and there that music is what drives her. It was her passion. I admired her confidence on stage; I think her passion for music helped with that. Before leaving at the end of the day I asked Marti, “What’s your favorite thing about yourself?” She responded, “All of it.”

For access to the video I addressed earlier, click Here.
If you were interested in the information provided above, you may want to check out MusicAndMe!


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