From Music to Movement

Music Constantly Opens Up Opportunities

Playing an instrument has its perks but sometimes the mere enjoyment of the sound is enough. Have you ever caught yourself tapping your feet to the rhythm without intentionally thinking about doing so? I sure have. Dancing to Special-Needs-Dancing.jpgmusic is kind of like eating that last piece of cake, it’s hard to resist. Let’s dive into the reasons why this is especially good for children with special needs.

I read an article today on The article explained that dancing, in multiple forms, can be beneficial. Freestyle allows for a wide variety of creativity and self-expression. Doing this form of dancing can teach the children a lot about themselves and will also teach them how to show others who they are. As for the more structured dances, these can help children work on following directions, listening skills, cooperation with other dancers and decreasing impulse control. Dancing is such a wonderful way for children to learn these skills because it is typically quite enjoyable. Older adolescents may benefit from dancing to their favorite song. This is because they can take something that they already gain happiness from and they can turn it into something more.

The article also touched on rhythm. Listening to music can create a strong pulse in a child, and enhancing movement activities is a great way to get children motivated. Children may begin to clap their hands or stomp their feet to the music. This is forcing them to understand the pattern and even begin to predict what is coming next. Start an stop activities are fun ways to teach children a sense of understanding with music. The freeze dance game is a perfect example. This game requires individuals to dance consistently while the music is playing and then come to a complete halt when the music is stopped. This also helps children establish a connection between sound and the vibration of movement, which can be great for sensory integration.

Overall, music helps children with special needs engage in a world in which they can learn, grow and express true happiness.

If you are interested in reading this article, click Here.

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